What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a developmental learning disorder (also known as DRD: Developmental Reading Disorder) that is characterized by the brain not being able to properly identify and process the symbols that make up words and language. Importantly, there is no concrete dyslexia definition because symptoms can vary a great deal.

The part of the brain responsible for dyslexia deals with language interpretation. Dyslexia is neither caused by problems in the areas of the brain which process vision or is related to poor cognitive ability. This means that dyslexia is in no way related to intelligence and someone with dyslexia is not likely to be less intelligent. But does someone suffering from dyslexia become less intelligent for having it? Dyslexia does not reduce someone's ability to think about complex ideas and constructs. But then why is poor academic ability so often associated with dyslexia? It is better to think of dyslexia as not stupidity and inability but as something that can hinder and affect educational performance.

Different types of dyslexia can appear in conjunction with writing disorders and arithmetic disorders because both writing and math use symbols to communicate information. The severity of the cases vary from person to person, with some only having mild DRD while others have severe DRD and associated writing/arithmetic disorders.

Symptoms of Dyslexia

Because it is a developmental disorder, the symptoms of dyslexia change over time as the brain develops, though many symptoms are prevalent. The most common symptoms include difficulty in understanding the meaning and recognizing of words, sentences, and rhyming. These symptoms are all due to the underlying difficulty of associating words with how they are spoken. Thus, dyslexics will have difficulty reading but may excel in areas that do not demand reading/writing such as purely verbal communication.

It is important for dyslexics to practice English grammar to overcome the disorder's barriers. It is also important to get a medical checkup if you have good reason to believe you have it. Dyslexia cannot be cured but special training and grammar tests can keep your mind active with language. Just like anything, practice makes perfect!

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