Free Online Spell Check

Getting a free spell check is what people everywhere need to make sure their written works are written to perfection without spending a ton of money. That's why GrammarBase's spell check has been taking the writing world by storm. It's accurate, affordable, quick, and easy-to-use.

Check for mistakes

Spelling Check

Spelling is something that's crucial to creating the impression of professionalism and intelligence, which is what many writers want. If there's a spelling mistake, the reader will assume that the writer doesn't really know what they are doing. Tools like Microsoft Word do catch many common spelling errors but they can't catch them all. That's why the detailed spell check with this tool is crucial to the success of any piece of writing.

All users have to do is to copy and paste their text into the designated space and then the spell and grammar check will begin. A detailed report is provided on each aspect of the text and where corrections can be made. It's also so accurate that it will even catch contextual spelling errors.

Future Improvement

The reason why detailed reports are provided is so our users can improve their writing. These reports come entirely free of charge and can be kept for future reference.

Why GrammarBase is Right

What GrammarBase can provide is line-by-line spelling and grammar checking. Spelling mistakes are highlighted and corrected so the user knows exactly where they've gone wrong with a detailed report provided at the end.

It's an affordable service because it doesn't charge people to use it. Instead, GrammarBase provides all its services for free without sacrificing quality.

Speed is also a major factor when it comes to the GrammarBase system. The speed it takes to check an average 500-word piece of work is much faster than many of the other grammar checkers out there. The time taken to go through a piece of work is measured in seconds not minutes. That's why so many people have already used it to perform some last minute checks on their written work.

Check for mistakes

We check for:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Plagiarism
  • Contextual Spelling


You are one of the best grammar checking systems on the internet. I've tried three other companies but didn't like their prices or quality. Your service is just perfect!

Kate, USA

I couldn't believe how user-friendly this grammar checking site was. I just copied and pasted my text into the designated box and in a couple of seconds I received my report. Awesome service!


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