Free Grammar Corrector

Are you tired of using spell check or grammar check on your computer's word processor, only to turn in papers with obvious grammatical errors? Unless you're very lucky, your word processor is equipped with only the most rudimentary grammar checking software.

But our Free Grammar Corrector on GrammarBase goes far beyond your garden variety grammar check. Online free applications don't normally come this loaded with features but our free grammar checker does. It goes far beyond run-on sentences and does not allow the same mistakes as Word's grammar checker.

So how do we manage to offer this grammar corrector free of charge? It's all a part of our commitment to the quality of your work. We know that you probably have a major workload to manage, and that your stress levels are likely to be much higher than average. Poor conditions such as these will eventually deteriorate the quality of your work to the point of unacceptability. The spell checker on your word processor can actually contribute to the problem. Yes, it's designed to help you focus on getting things done, but it is a sloppy program and leads to the consequence of sloppy work.

What happens when the little quirks of Word's spell/grammar check online free tool let you down? It happens all the time. Sure, it will tell you when you have a run-on sentence, but sometimes you want to sound like that intentionally. And what about other things... the passive voice for instance. Nothing makes you sound stuffy, pretentious, and pompous like the use of the passive voice. Word's checker has nothing for you in this regard, but our Grammar Corrector - free of charge, mind you - lets you know every single time.

With our Free Grammar Corrector, an in depth and thorough analysis of your writing is done to ensure that your writing is the best it can be. Not only will your spelling and basic grammar be improved, your overall style will be enhanced as well. Overall, your work will be much easier and entertaining for people to read. If you have any plagiarism in your text, it will also be identified.

Not only will your spelling and basic grammar improve, but your overall style will improve as well. In all, your work will be much easier and entertaining for people to read. Plagiarism will never be an issue again either - even if you just copied and pasted something earlier in order to change it around, it's not going to make it past our super-intelligent scan.

So make the most of your online capabilities and put our wonderful tool to work for you asap. We're looking forward to reviewing your work!

We check for :

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Plagiarism
  • Contextual Spelling


You are one of the best grammar checking system through the internet. I've tried three other companies, but didn't like their payment condition and checking quality. And your service is perfect!

Kate, USA

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