English Grammar Check

English grammar is one of the hardest things to master because there are just too many rules and exceptions to be learned. Even for native English speakers, getting grammar right is often hard. That' why so many use online free grammar checkers, like GrammarBase, to clean up all errors from their texts.

Free Online Proofreading

Correct English grammar doesn't necessarily come as just one type of checker because many work differently. Here is a description of the two most common types of checkers and how they might work.

  • Online checkers, like GrammarBase, allow users to simply copy and paste their writing into a designated area and then the check is carried out. The individual checker may provide detailed reports or just correct the errors.
  • Downloadable checkers can be provided with a software system or after a subscription has been purchased. The program is installed and works in a similar way to how the online checkers work.

Effective Checking and Free Proofreading

It's a well-known fact that there are many people using English grammar checkers that don't actually work. It's usually not their fault, as there are simply too many of them out there to choose from. However, effective checkers always check texts in a similar manner to offline editors: line-by-line. These line-by-line checkers work just like an editor only faster.

Free Checkers?

People assume that because an English grammar check is performed by a free program or software that it won't work properly. This simply isn't true. The proper way to determine if a checker is any good or not is to see what other people say about it. From them, you can know if a checker is legit or if you need to stay clear.

Why Checking Grammar is Important

  • Clients and customers are going to be wary about dealing with a business or a website that has lots of grammar mistakes. Sloppy work is commonly associated with shady business deals.
  • School and college assignments are penalized for lacking good grammar.
  • Bad grammar highlights a lack of attention and laziness.

We check for :

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Plagiarism
  • Contextual Spelling


You are one of the best grammar checking systems on the internet. I've tried three other companies but didn't like their prices or quality. Your service is just perfect!

Kate, USA

I couldn't believe how user-friendly this grammar checking site was. I just copied and pasted my text into the designated box and in a couple of seconds I received my report. Awesome service!


One of the most useful tools on the internet for correcting grammar and spelling errors for any paper you need checked. I highly recommend it to anyone before they hand in their papers.


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