Dyslexia Symptoms

Dyslexia is a reading disorder and learning disability that varies in type and severity. Dyslexia symptoms change with age is because it can develop alongside the development of the brain. The causes of dyslexia are linked to genetics, with dyslexic parents having a good chance of having dyslexic children. When given proper treatment, people can live successful and fulfilling lives. But the first step is diagnosis. Read on for dyslexia symptoms by age group.

Pre-School Age

The most common symptoms of dyslexia at the youngest ages are mainly associated with speaking, basic learning, cognition and motor skills, including:

  • Taking longer to begin speaking and pronouncing words
  • Difficulty in word pronunciation, and getting letters in words mixed up
  • Difficulty in learning basic spelling and nursery rhymes


Kindergarten is when words and sentences are introduced. Children at this age with dyslexia will often find it difficult to find the connection between letters and pronunciations, learn more slowly than others, and confuse simple words.

Fifth Grade and Middle School

At these ages, dyslexics will have a lower standard of reading on average. Common dyslexia symptoms include difficulty reading out loud and with recognizing grammatical building blocks, like root words, spelling, prefixes and suffixes.

High School

Problems for dyslexics in high school are usually a continuation of the problems at the elementary or middle school levels. However, the increasing complexity of work makes the signs of dyslexia easier to spot.

  • Poor memory skills, especially when remembering what has been read
  • A smaller than average vocabulary
  • Reading only slowly while frequently making mistakes
  • Spelling the same word differently on different occasions
  • Difficulty with creating reports and presentations

Adult Age

Once the brain is fully developed, the symptoms of dyslexia will usually plateau with few new symptoms emerging over time. Adults at this stage will often be self-conscious and try to hide their problems associated with the disorder. Symptoms include:

  • Poor spelling skills and reading ability
  • Very good oral communication and socializing. Dyslexics are often good with business, networking, and entrepreneurship
  • Very good at understanding others
  • Proficiency with special awareness
  • Not good at making plans or being organized

If any of these symptoms are recognized, it is crucial to get a real medical diagnosis. With a diagnosis, treatment plans can be created to help reduce the problem and make life easier.

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