Adult Dyslexia

Many people who have dyslexia might not realize it fully until adulthood. For severe cases, dyslexia is almost always identified during childhood development. But in many cases, mild dyslexia often goes unchecked because symptoms can be much more difficult to spot.

Dyslexia is a developmental learning disorder, which means that adult dyslexia has a number of different symptoms to childhood dyslexia. Having said this, dyslexia in adults still shares much common ground with dyslexia in children. If you think that you might have dyslexia then you should first check your family history. The disorder is passed on genetically, so if one or both your parents have the disorder then the chances of you having it increase dramatically.

There are many adult dyslexia symptoms that make identification possible. Symptoms in adults will be associated with reading and writing, numeracy and math, organization and time-keeping, sense of direction, behavior and personality, plus many other general symptoms.

Aside from literacy and numeracy, many general indicators show adult dyslexia. These include having very good interpersonal skills and reading others' emotions easily. Adult dyslexics will often have behavioral symptoms, such as anxiety, because of the problems that dyslexia causes. This can come to light particularly in group conversation, with dyslexics finding it difficult to express thoughts and only using very short sentences between long pauses. Other indicators include general confusion and stress.

The behavioral connection to dyslexia can often make adults over-compensate for what they find challenging. For example, dyslexics can often lose track of time and be generally disorganized. Those who are self-conscious of the fact may compensate by keeping track of time meticulously. This can often make it difficult to diagnose dyslexia without resorting to a full professional test.

For mild cases with few obvious symptoms, an adult dyslexia test is the best way to find more information. A free online test or questionnaire can be used preliminarily.

Is there dyslexia treatment for adults? While there is no cure for dyslexia, it can be managed with specialized educational tools and resources. The most important thing to do if you find out you have dyslexia is to get professional help and to use the latest tools to develop your skills.

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